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Shamans of the Modern Age
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When our ancestors looked upon the world they inhabited, they were ignorant as to the how and why the world worked the way it did. They attributed the things they saw around them, but could not explain or understand, to "spirits" and other mystical forces. They used what they had available to explain and understand the world around them. Their intelligence, imagination, and reasoning ability. If they would have had access to science and technology, they would have explained the things around them differently, but even without our modern knowledge, they knew and understood a great deal about the world.

Even though they did not understand the "how" or "why", our ancestors had a much deeper, intimate, and closer connection to the world around them. They knew more about the way the world around them worked and the interconnections between all creatures than we in our modern age could ever hope to know.

Neo-shamanism (to me, your humble moderator) is about combining the old ways of our ancestors, with modern knowledge and scientific method. To understand the way the world around us works, and how everything is interconnected, and combine that understanding and respect with science and our modern knowledge of the "how" and "why" the world works the way it does and use them in tandem to try and expand peoples minds about nature and to try and help the world be a better place.

We humans fear what we do not understand. And what we fear we attempt to destroy. We have always feared ourselves and the world around us... and so we are self-destructive. Hopefully, knowledge, understanding, and respect can change that... and thats what this community is about.

In this community, I will share my thoughts about religion, society, and the world. I encourage anyone reading this to join and share their thoughts and ideas as well. This community is open to anyone with an open heart and mind. Anyone from any race, sex, nationality, or background are welcome here to discuss their ideas or thoughts about Neo-shamanism provided that they observe the communities rules. Which are;

1: No flaming, attacking, or harrassing other members or their beliefs. This includes trying to convert others or trying to convice other members that they are "sinners going to hell" or "evil heathens". People pushing their religion on others will be banned. Period. Self-expression and sharing beliefs on the other hand is encouraged.

2: Debate and questions are encouraged as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

3: Posts must be in regards to some aspect of Neo-shamanism or Shamanism. I don't care what you write about, thoughts, opinions, your own philosophy, the way you express your spirituality, projects, experiences, theories, etc. as long as it has at least a little something to do with what the community is about.

4: Large pictures or very long posts (more than 3 paragraphs) should be put behind a LJ-cut.

Moderators note: The membership to this community is moderated. I'll approve almost anyone who wants to join. I'm moderating the membership mostly as a way for me to weed out any trolls, spammers, or fundies out there that might try to join and want to cause trouble.

Thats it... come on it, have fun and share your knowledge and wisdom with the rest of the tribe known as humanity.